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Because LJ continues to recycle accounts, going to go through and do another round of cleaning and defriend any accounts that look inactive/vacated in the last year. Spammers have become relentless on comment spamming lately and I've been reminded that a lot of content is still here too accessible to others.

If for some reason you're still around and I have unfriended you, my apologies. I'm not mad at you or not willing to talk. Comment here and let me know that I have removed you by mistake. Or, if you have returned to LJ, please comment here and let me know to re-add you :).

If for some reason you're like me (a LJ lurker) and want to chat on the social media channel de rigeur, please PM me here or come find me on Twitter or FB.
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Haha. I have no idea how to use LJ anymore.

Just recovered my password. Trying to figure out if I can log in via Twitter.
Not sure what to write here other than
2014 was stupid.
Need to get more productive in 2015.

And my twitter is now superstorygirl while I try to get closer and closer to something more professional. hahaha. sigh. 

2014 — Withdraw, Focus, Stay Silent

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This year I decided to focus on two things: editing my book in earnest and taking care of myself.  I don’t think I shall spend time publicly defining the latter.  As far as the first matter, this comes after I’ve become estranged from drawing art. It’s not my native form for expression any more. Writing I think feels more natural, more immediate, and more accessible — particularly because technology has made it easier.

I also decided that until I finish my first goal, I will decrease my engagement on a host of social media sites including Facebook, Deviantart, Tumblr, and Livejournal.   Social media takes time. Even those few minutes on each site are adding up to hours a day that I could use to again, take better care of myself, and work at my craft.

What prompted this strike against such platforms?  One, an ever increasing sense of “the end” simply because I’m hitting that turning point in life.  Second, I don’t feel young anymore. I ache when I don’t sleep and can’t make up for sleep anymore. It literally hurts when I pull all-nighters because I am awake the same time no matter what.   Physically I cannot push myselef like I used to.  And realistically, one hour a day for anything makes a big difference to me.  I’ve got to scrape for time now. Every half an hour counts.

And that leads me to conventions.  Other than Momocon this year, I’m not applying for any artist alleys at conventions. Let me be honest. I have not created anything worth selling since November nor do I have the drive or time to make “stuff to sell.”  I have to prioritize my creative time. And that priority must be putting together the print copy of my first serial.

Why this book? I want something to give back to the readers who have been with me.  They’re out there — the ones who tell me they have been waiting since last year for a hard copy, the ones who shame me with their generous comments and fanart.

It will be this year — I’m making edits, accepting edits, and following leads for copyediting and cover typography help.  I’m shooting for May, knowing I might not make it, but I want a solid paper copy to be able to give to those readers.

Sorry guys  in advance.  I’m going to just shut up in a lot of places save Twitter. It’s not you. It’s me.  You’ll just have to stalk me there and stalk my bar to see how I’m doing. It’s that little thing at my story page.  If it moves, I’m doing great. If it doesn’t, I’m in serious need of an intervention.  :)    I’ve currently red-lined 200 pages, only 300 more to go!










2013 Reflections, 2014 as a big so what?

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I realize this is way overdue as far as a New Year’s blog goes.  On the other hand, 2013 was a pretty terrible year for blogging once again.  I suppose I should do more though as I’m starting to realize that what I don’t write down now might be lost in a haze of forgotten memories ten years from now.  My brain cells are starting to get really tired of holding on to memories.

Last year.  It sucked on both a personal and work level.  Nothing awful happened. It was just draining. I’m still tired thinking about it.

What did I accomplish in the creative realm? 

  •  I finished serializing one volume of “Tales of the Big Bad Wolf” and got it up /out as an ebook. Sales are meek but I don’t advertise so, I guess it’s good :) Wattpad came through for me though in the end.  I was ready to quit it and the readers showed up. Yay.
  • Did two conventions for which I actually made new work.  
  • Went crazy with photography; got so many great shots but there’s no place really to share them I guess unless I bite the bullet and get on instagram.  But I am pleased by what I was able to capture.
  • Got this blog back into the modern era by bringing all content into WordPress.  Added a few updates in a few places and now seeing a regular stream of traffic to various sites ,as obscure as this content is.

What didn’t I do?

  • Drawing and painting output was pretty bad.  No energy. No time. And my butt hates sitting at the computer to paint.
  • Tumblr.  Deviantart.  No fanwork, no notice, and therefore no interest on my part.
  • Focus.
  • Stay away from coffee.

2014 Plans:

In sum,  I’m going to hunker down and create stuff.  Some of it will be writing. Less art. I’m putting the artist alley stuff to rest soon after Momocon while I begin to research attending conventions more focused on publishing or where the readers are.

I also plan to drink less coffee.





Switching serials

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official copyright for Red Riding HoodThis past week I received my official copyright notice from the government for the first book of “Tales of the Big Bad Wolf.”  It feels good to have that part done, although mentally I’ve been done with that book for a while.  Unfortunately I shouldn’t be thinking this way. I have a hardcopy proof that has sat languishing since late August, waiting for corrections and edits so I can create a paperback version.  But as long as I remain distracted with work and other things, it feels like a burden to have to take it out and revise, particularly while I’m writing the next book.

So I’m tempted to leave the ebook as is — basically as the standing record until I finish a few more books and then try to edit them all together at once to weave a connected series together and then see what the environment looks like for self-publishing.

While I had a few requests for a paperback earlier in the year, many of those folks seem to have drifted away and have likely forgotten about the book altogether.  In that sense, given the choices I have to make between proofing one book and writing another, I don’t see the urgency to create a paperback right now. 

On the other hand, I’m feeling rather ambivalent about the second book I’m  serializing at the moment. Thematically it is a pretty depressing book. The first book was about hope and breaking free from fate. This one seems about death and a larger landscape. 

Part of me worries that something like this should not even be serialized. Rather, I should take it offline and work on it, only releasing it when it’s done.    The internet is not a place that likes depressing stuff and I know that it would be more fun  to serialize the next book I wanted to work on (Sleeping Beauty) as it requires no previous knowledge of other works. And my concept for it would be a mix of painting and prose in greater balance. It would be more appropriate for the internet and allow me to at least list with webcomics directories. Webcomics as a medium have a far better infrastructure than prose serials.


Something this drastic I wouldn’t have considered a few months ago but I’m not seeing the right balance of input/effort and reward.  I’ll have to see where I can get the current serial to in the next few months.  Perhaps once I pull the narrative out of the depressing spot it’s in, things will improve. Not sure… will be looking at analytics to decide some things as well. Perhaps I’ll talk to a few other folks who have been around MUCH longer than I writing original fiction online.

But — I guess I really should try to develop an outline for “Sleeping Beauty” in the next few months with the consideration that it would be a simple, simple, quest story that could be illustrated.  Had a really good idea while brooding this evening that I think could work…



Kenshin fans - if you still exist:

More or less, I decided to begin cleaning up and updating content on red-bird.
But in the linked post, I'm asking you ice/fire alumni if we should go for a real cleanup... meaning updating at least the images and fanfic links?

I'm willing to do the WP conversion but would really like another person around when done to help do some occasional updating. Wordpress is good about setting up contributor accounts and has a good interface for updating.

(There's usually new Kenshin stuff every year - so at least new images and such are appearing regularly. I also think that they will do something pretty huge in a few years. It's VERY clear that Kenshin is popular as a movie property... and I still believe the OVAs were testing waters for another season.)

Also, open to blowing out/growing the galleries further. (God knows I horde enough Kenshin content... haha,)
(Examples: Aoshi, Megumi solo galleries, Lookalikes, blahblahblah)

In any case, I know a few of you ladies still semi-lurk on LJ and FB, so wanted to post here.

Shrine of Ice and Fire is now mostly converted into Wordpress with the exception of the contest archive.
I realized it's been ten years now since it opened. (Or thereabouts, IIRC.)

If there was a way to catch all of you again, I"d totally do a ten year interview now...


Choshu Compendium shifts URLs + Hakuoki Urakata Scans

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Well, I did promise that if Kenshin came back that I would revive “The Sword and the Chrysanthemum” from the dead. I’ve been meaning to move the content to WordPress but have been waiting for both motivation and the means to use a different layout for such a site.

The old url was and now is

In the transition, I hope I haven’t messed up things or lost things. In fact, I think I found some photos I forgot to link in for Katsura and Takasugi.

Also, yes, okay FINE Hakouki Urakata stuff scanned and uploaded in the “Anime Fandom” part of the Sword+Chrysanthemumn. I only made smaller images available because I don’t want to blow up the webspace and I think it’s far better to encourage people to still buy the items as they’re still out at the Kinokuniya bookstores when I was in NYC a few weeks back.



Why Anime Expo always strikes a nerve

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Anime Expo was one of the first conventions I ever went to in the United States.  I had such a great time going as a fan back then — you could meet guests and get autographs easily. The artist alley was tiny  – and I still remember all the guys who were part of the Gaiaonline and Udon Comics startup doing Final Fantasy commissions.

Good times.

My friends stopped going to Expo as their jobs became harder to manage.   I was lucky to find artist friends who wanted to go back so I began another round of attendances as an artist.  I kept at it while the Expo moved from Anaheim, through Long Beach, and then to the LA Convention Center (LACC).

AX’s move to the LACC was tolerable in its first year because its AA director was pretty amazing. However, it became logistically more challenging to deal with the AA after that move.

I stopped going to the AA and to Expo during the big fallout between the volunteers and the management.  I simply didn’t believe the CEO knew what the hell he was doing.  Once the CEO was removed, I thought about whether to go back again.

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Life is a series of small discoveries… and some creative updates

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I’m back from NYC — a city I visit regularly — and am feeling completely run down. It might have be the heat and humidity that pretty much wiped me out or it might be the constant “go go go” mentality of the city.

That said, I love immersing myself in big cities because there’s always something to do, things to experience, friends to see, and people to watch. For me — one of the world’s most curious people — big cities are a total orgy of discovery. But it’s the small things that drive that discovery — – from searching for decorative motifs on an old, grand building to watching people interact with street art. This is why I like big cities — I’m not the only one standing there discovering something.

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